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Innovating in Pays de Meaux

Business development also presupposes research and development to innovate and stay competitive.
Improving one's plant and equipment, marketing a new product or service, and creating to boost one's sales, that's what we call innovation. Innovation is not just about products based on new technologies and is not the exclusive preserve of research and development departments. Nowadays a great many microbusinesses and SMEs unknowingly work in the area of innovation and are eligible for aid (financial, human, technical, technological and other forms of support)
In Pays de Meaux there are a number of points of contact who are part of the Réseau Innov77: Aides et accompagnement au développement" scheme (development aid and support).


A company director may, in a formal or informal manner, devise a strategy of:

  • growth,
  • diversification or renewal,
  • specialization/refocusing,
  • global expansion,
  • divestment,
  • survival…

 → Innovation + a CSR approach = sustainable growth
 Innovation is not an end in itself, it is just a way of implementing a precise strategy:
 - strategic thinking is a prerequisite for innovation,
- innovation is not relevant to all strategies,
- innovation is a necessary condition for generating growth over the long term


Seine-et-Marne Développement


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