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Coordinating one's professional network

To promote the local area, attract new business and pursue its economic development strategy, the Economic Action Department relies on local economic agents
CEZAM, an Association of company managers
The chambers of commerce , Seine-et-Marne Développement
Pays de Meaux offers entrepreneurs numerous economic gatherings on topical themes. Anyone can attend and talk with professionals at:

  •  theme-based breakfasts
  •  focus groups
  •  briefing meetings

As part of this network process, Pays de Meaux also very specific partners such as the Astech Paris Region competitive aerospace cluster.

Innovative partnerships enabling SMEs in the area to join new networks and take part in exchange and operational operations that they would not otherwise be able to participate in or that they would not have the time to prepare.

For 2 years now the CAPM's services have organized briefing meetings about major projects in the area (economic, cultural, town-planning, sporting, etc.) at the request of entrepreneurs. It was important for them to have an overall view of all the projects, to be able to "evaluate" the changes in progress and plan for the future.

Pays de Meaux's networking process also includes informal operations allowing company managers to meet at a cultural evening event and forget their everyday concerns for a moment.

It also includes the Défi inter-entreprises, an informal inter-company sporting event in which employees and managers form teams to defend their company's colours.