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Initiative Nord Seine-et-Marne

Project leaders sometimes have difficulty finding all the funding they need to start up their project. That is why the Communauté d'Agglomération du Pays de Meaux has been a partner of the Initiative Nord Seine-et-Marne Association since its creation, in order to back people with entrepreneurial flair.

 Initiatives Nord Seine-et-Marne promotes business creation or takeover initiatives by granting (on trust) an interest-free loan without a guarantee, on a personal basis.

They rely on the expertise of technical operators in the field of aid for start-ups and takeovers. In that respect the interest-free loan is often an additional guarantee for banks.

 Initiatives Nord Seine-et-Marne manages funds that are totally earmarked for financing interest-free loans, and it intervenes in areas for which the local councils have signed up.


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